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 "Dr. Kumar has helped me with the pain that come with Fibromyalgia & Rheumatoid Arthritis.  My mother and sister are also seeing Dr. Kumar and he has helped them. Dr Kumar is a wonderful Doctor. I would tell anyone that has this kind of pain to go see him!"  Lorie I.

" Dr. Kumar is a professional at his job, He (Kumar)is patient and listens to his patients and takes care of their needs. He cares about his patients and only wants to see them happy - he doesn't rush you and allows them to workout  at their own speed. He is not in this profession to make money but here to help us who need a caring place.  Dr. Kumar is a honest and sincere professional. What a pleasant atmosphere!"  Robert H.

"After over 30 years of suffering with chronic pain, fatigue and depression, no other physician has ever worked with me to develop the integral treatments you and your staff have provided.  I am very impressed with your overwhelming desire to make your patients feel better. Your willingnes to spend your time and energy listening and educating me is a testimony of how passionate you are in your practice. On a personal level you are fun to be around; with your up beat attitude, high energy and huge heart filled with T.L.C for each and everyone. Thank you for being you."  Patricia Z.

"Praise God I found Dr. Kumar!  He is a caring professional and now I can use my arms and legs without much difficulty and pain! Dr Kumar and his team has been a blessing to me. I am very pleased with Dr. Kumar. I enjoy going for my therapies. He is very caring and professional. He is a great doctor. He has helped me more then I could put in words."   Elaine R.

"Sanjay Kumar, MD has been treating me successfully for approximately three years for chronic pain from osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and bursitis. When I first saw Dr. Kumar at that time , my medications included 120mg of oxycotin per day as well as Percocet for breakthroug pain. He tapered me off these two drugs using manual therapeutic treatments; thus, I no longer rely on drugs for pain relief for which will be forever grateful. I feel his treatments have kept me from being permanently tied to a wheelchair and consequently given me a better quality of life."  Sandra H.

"Dr. Kumar has been my Physiatrist since 2002. I find him to be extremely professional and staightforward and of the highest ethical and professional caliber. Dr. Kumar is one of the most down to earth, articulate physicians I have ever met. He never hesitates to answer my questions or listen to me. He is always current on new research and discoveries. Dr. Kumar  is personable and knowledgeble and treats everybody with empathy and compassion. In my dealings with him i have found him to be accessible and of the highest ethical and professional caliber. I recommend Dr. Sanjay Kumar without reservation."  Grace C.

"Dr. Kumar has taken the extra time and efforts to treat my chronic back pain with excellent results. I am now able to enjoy life and to do some of the things I thought I could not do. Dr. Kumar as a person he is a good man, but he is even a better therapist. You would love to just take his hands home, he is outstanding member of the community, and respected by all his fellow medical doctors, and the most honest doctor I know." Connie B

"I had been in traditional chiropractic pain treatment for about 15 years with no marked improvement.  I was frustrated with the constant visits and lack of improvement. Dr. Kumar listened, created a specific plan for me, and even went so far as to intercede with another provider to meet my specific needs.  I had never had a doctor that so obviously cared about me as a person, not just a patient. Dr. Kumar designed a plan of attack specifically for me, not just a passsive take this pill and call me in the morning attitude. I had never had a doctor that so obviously cared for me as a PERSON, not just a patient, and not just an income generator."  Karen F.

"I was immediately greeted warmly, helped and made to feel at home.  Dr. Kumar specializes in the treatment of Fibromyalgia and really cares about his patients. Thank You!"  Betty G.

"I found this doctors office to be a haven. It is so unusual to find a doctor who will listen and go beyond prescriptions.  I particularly like the fact that he doesn't look at his watch and push you out the door!"  Janice W

"I have been a patient of Dr. Kumar since 2002. Dr. Kumar has always been very professional in his treatment of my medical problems.  He is always professional and knowledgeable about the latest advances in therapies.  He is very conscientious and caring health care provider. I would recommend Dr. Kumar to other patients. He is an excellent doctor and a kind individual and is very accomodating to my work schedule.The are which you injected has become pain free. Iam thrilled to have relief in that part of my back."  Cynthia R.

"Dr. Kumar is a very caring doctor that tries to decrease and alleviate my physical discomfort. Dr. Kumar has also taught me how to decrease my discomfort at home by performing exercises to strengthen my back muscles. His office is organized, comfortable and clean. In my opinion Dr. Kumar ias a qualified, skilled, knowledgeable and caring phyician. Thanks to you, Dr. Kumar, I can now go visit my children and grandchildren for Christmas.  I was in so much pain, but it is down now. Thank you for your caring , it means so much, I will never forget your help.  Thank you."  Janice M.

"Dr. Kumar is a very caring doctor and his staff is wonderful and very helpful. I thank them for keeping me active and freeing me from taking so many pain killer medicines. Thank you Dr. Kumar and Jeanne; I love you." Shirley E

" I have been a patient at New Bern Medicine and Sports Rehabilitation since 2007. Dr. Kumar is not the only phyiatrist in New Bern, as far as I am concerned, he is the only physiatrist I will allow to treat me. After having tried numerous other medical facilities in New Bern for my Fibromyalgia and neck injury due to a car accident, it is my opinion that Dr Kumar's program is the best. Not only do patients have inidividualized programs with supervised physical therapy, heat and e-stim treatment ( and ultra-sound, if necessary), but also the recieve trigger-point and therapeutic massage and a one-on one with Dr. Kumar. This time with Dr. Kumar is invaluable, as he is able to reassess each patient's progress during every visit. Dr. Kumar and his staff are caring professionals who take time to ensure success for every patient, and I am grateful that such qualified indiviuals are accessible in our little town of New Bern". Judy C

"I don't quite know how well I would be walking or moving if I had not found you!! This is a wonderful, maybe even the "best-kept secret in New Bern" and a high-quality mode of rehabilitation and efficient care for persons suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Injuries or diseases such as Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and more. I believe my sleeping has improved, I feel thinner and somewhat healthier. Please stay in New Bern and Always continue helping those of us who are willing to do our part. Under your care, we feel safe and improving". Rose G

"Dr Kumar is a caring individual as well as being knowledgeable and established in his profession. I have found that he treats patients as individuals and designs a therapy program unique to the needs of the patients. He is constantly sharing research based methods of treatments and concerns with his patients. I have been able to transform from a bumbling old lady with a walker to someone who now walks again without assistance. Dr. Kumar surrounds himself with completent and high qualified staff. Dr. Kumar and his staff are inspirational and supportive. Dr. Kumar inspires his patients. He is the most dedicated, generous, unselfish, caring, and medically talented person that I have met in a long time. He make every patient feel as if he came to work just for them." Jancie W

"I feel he has helped me in many ways with my fibromyalgia. He is very professional with a caring heart for his patients. He has always treated me with the upmost respect. The physical therapy alnog with the deep tissue massage have helped to relieve some of my pain in the trigger points. His bedside manner is one of the kindness and you feel like he is listening and willing to help in any way. I really am blessed to have him as my doctor." Kay K

"Dr. Kumar makes you feel safe, his office is so much at ease. All the patients talk to each other, gives hope to each other. Dr. Kumar has a gift, he listens to what your body says to him. God has given Dr. Kumar a gift, his hands, mind and love for people, to be willing to help us. Dr. Kumar and his staff have given me a better outlook on life. He is my saint. His office is a true blessing.  He has a gift of healing at the palm of his hands. If  Dr. Kumar should move form this state of N.C I will follow." Penny M

"Dr. Kumar has taken the extra time and efforts to treat my chronic back pain with excellent results. I am now able to enjoy life and to do some of the things I thought I could not do. Dr. Kumar as a person he is a good man, but he is even a better therapist. You would love to just take his hands home, he is outstanding member of the community, and respected by all his fellow medical doctors, and the most honest doctor I know." Connie B

"Dr. Kumar has been my Physiatrist since 2002. I find him to be extremely professional and staightforward and of the highest ethical and professional caliber. Dr. Kumar is one of the most down to earth, articulate physicians I have ever met. He never hesitates to answer my questions or listen to me. He is always current on new research and discoveries. Dr. Kumar  is personable and knowledgeble and treats everybody with empathy and compassion. In my dealings with him I have found him to be accessible and of the highest ethical and professional caliber." Grace C

"Over the last four months, I have received physical therapy, heat treatment, deep muscle massage, trigger point therapy, Estim treatment, shots, ect. All of this together has worked to make me quality of life much better. Dr. Kumar takes the time to explain each treatment and how each one effects my body. He keeps up with my overall health and treatments, tests, medications that my primary care doctor gives me. Dr. Kumar and his staff are a caring and professional group. They have taught me techniques that I can do at home on the job to keep my body functioning. I am grateful for what this group has provided to me over the last few months." Diana B

"Thre are only one or two doctors that I ever had the pleasure of making acquaintance with the outstanding qualities of Dr. Kumar. This mans knowledge of and ablility to evaluate, pin point and address the problems of my spinal condition was fantastic. Dr. Kumar also has a wonderful bedside manner. Not only does he go to great lengths to make conversation in what interests his patients but has his staff educated in doing the same. His knowledge of deep tendon release along with trigger point injections has made a tremendous difference in my over all problems with my spine. I have been 100% totally and permanently disabled since 1996. Through all my experiences I can say Dr. Kumar is one of the best Medical Professionals I have had the pleasure of meeting and being treated by." Donald W

"I was treated for chronic pain at New Bern Medicine and Sports, the office of Dr. Kumar, and was prescribed a medication that immensley helped my condition. Dr. Kumar is a very conscientious doctor who goes out of the way to help all his patients." Laura T

"I am a person with chronic pain and Fibromyaglia, there is no cure for it, but since I have been coming to New Bern Medicine & Sorts Rehabilitation under leadership and staff of Dr. Kumar, Ms Jeanne and Shannon,  I am able to manage  my pain better. I am very grateful that I was referred to Dr. Kumar and his staff." Carol B 

"New Bern Medicine & Sorts Rehabilitation was an answer to a long awaited prayer. It is a treatment of mind, body and soul. Dr. Kumar involvement with his patients is heartwarming  giving his time generously showing patience and encouragement. Dr. Kumar offers his full attention and approaches your concerns in a professional, but personal manner. He is an expert with " hands on " therapy, manual therapy as well as trigger point therapy. I look forward to each and every visit. As I said, it's a treatment of mind, body , soul and spirit." Paula B

"I am a 24-year-old news reporter in New Bern, NC.  I have dealt with scoliosis most of my life.The most refreshing thing about Dr.Kumar is his attitude. He actually makes going to the doctors a pleasant experience! His patients are not just numbers to him. He make an effort to personally know each one. The office setting is very laid back, but he is also very skilled and gets the job done effectively and efficiently." Stephanie G

"Thank you for taking care of my mom." T.J

"Dr. Kumar is a very caring person. Dr. Kumar is very intelligent, knowledgeable and professional individual who treats all his patients with respect and dignity. As he gives you a very intense massage, and hands on manual therapy and stretching, he also gives you as much information about your body as you wish to take in. He cares about you as a person (not a number) and gives you the incentive to do what is needed. In his waiting area I have heard a lot of praise about Dr. Kumar's work with other patients. He is a pleasure to be around and an asset to this community. There is magic in that office and in Dr. Kumar hands and I am happy to be part of the experience." Patricia N

"On my first visit, I was extremely impressed. I was treated with the utmost care. The atmosphere in the clinic was very upbeat. Dr Kumar and his staff were and still are professional with just a bit of casualness. Dr. Kumar is a very special individual with much to offer all who come in contact with him. He treats all his patients with his medical expertise along with genuine bedside manner. I can truly say that I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Kumar to my family, friends, or others. Truly their motto: The Healing Touch is self-explanatory. Thanks again. Each of you are special to me in different ways. I enjoy coming to your clinic, and reap many rewards at each session. My God richly bless each of you and your families." Judy R

" Thank you for being so kind, and helping my back feel better over these past few months." Stephanie

"Within days I noticed a change in my overall attitude, and felt hopeful again. You can't imagine what that meant to me as I had just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  The treatments he has given me since have been beneficial, and his concern for me has never changed. In the year that he has been treating me Dr. Kumar has consistently demonstrated to be a caring physician of sound behavior and good character." Evelyn A

" The area which you injected has become pain free! I am thrilled to have releif in that part of my back." Cynthia R

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you! When I walked into your office I was in lots of pain with my neck and felt very hopeless. I had came to the conclusion that I was going to have to live with the neck pain forever... but you have changed my life! My neck feels 1,000% better. I can't believe how much better I feel and NO drugs to mask the pain. I really like your hands on approach. You are definitely a hidden gem in New Bern." Michelle B

 "Thanks for you and your staff. For your practice and help with everything. You all have been so kind. To the most compassionate Dr. Office I ever been to. God Bless." Tanja R

"Dr. Kumar has become my friend first and my doctor later. He is a kind, gentle, big heart who really cares for his patients. He takes time to listen to each and everyone of his patients. His treatments are excellent.Thanks a million for you and the staff making our office visits so pleasant. Your kindness and your staffs kindness makes life worthwhile." Pat M

"I have been given so many drugs but nothing helped. I found a Doctor that uses excercise program from the Bowflex to simple exercises to help. At the end of the program there is a therapeutic hands on massage. Trigger points are worked on. You feel so very good when the session is over. I am so happy I found my doctor, Dr. Sanjay Kumar. Dr. Kumar knows what he is doing you get a longer comfort of the body with hands on then any other treatment I have found to help me." Patricia E

"Dr. Kumar is a very wonderful person as well as an educated Doctor and is excellent in his chosen profession. His manner towards his patients is always very respectful and his personality is wonderful. I am more than satisfied with what is being done for me and I continute to make great improvement under his treatment." Gail S

" Since being a patient of Dr. Kumars, he has helped me with his technics of modern medicine to relieve the pain in my legs. This has given me the ability to walk with no discomfort. He is very gentle, kind, concerned, and very professional with his patients . I would strongly recommend anyone to him. I am very grateful for him helping me with my pian and discomfort so I can enjoy life." Martha I

"Dr. Kumar has been my doctor for the past year. As a professional he has a great bed side manner, talks to you clearly and makes sure that you understand all his treatments, he takes time to listen to you, he really cares for his patients he adheres to the highest ethical standards. On a personal note, he is a kind gental person who really cares for you. He really is a great doctor for New Bern and the surrounding areas." Patricia C

"Dr.Kumar has taken alot of time, energy and caring to make his  clinic in New Bern a success. The way he does this is by caring about his patients. Dr Kumar has an excellent technic. His bed side manner is gentle and caring. He always asks if you ar alright during a session. You feel much better after seeing him." Martha G

"I am a 60 year old female who initially saw Dr Kimar in May of 2004 with chronic pain syndrome and back aches secondary to fibromyalgia and spinal spondylosis. Dr. Kumar has taken the extra time and effort to treat my chronic back pain with excellent results. I am now able to enjoy life and he has made a big difference. His therapies especially the deep muscle myofasical release has helped me live my life normally. Dr.Kumar as a person is a good man. He is an outstanding member of the community, and respected by all his fellow medical doctors, and the most honest doctor I know. You could not find a better all around doctor." Lucille T

"The care and concern you (Dr. Kumar) have for your patients goes beyond just a doctor. You (Dr. Kumar) will take time to talk, answer questions and comfort the soul." Ann J

"He's (Dr. Kumar) an awsome doctor. I'm doing so much better since I've been under his care. I'm walking on my own without falling. I'm able to deal with my problem without all the pain I was in. Thank God fo Dr. Kumar. I can't say how much he has done for me. There's not enough words to explain it. You need to see for yourself." Debra H

"I have been a patient of Dr. Sanjay Kumar; for 2 1/2 years. He treated me for post-stenotic surgery syndrome. I have found him to be kind and compassionate, efficient and ethical and a highly moral individual." Doris L

"Dr. Kumar just does not work on one problem but the whole body. His overall body treatment makes you feel relaxed, pain free and fresh and invigorated. His hands on therapy is extraordinary and he streatches all the tight muscles and dissolves the trigger points. In addition he personally tailors and supervises an exercise program for you that targets the affected area. Coming to Dr. Kumar had made me where I am still able to work where a year ago I would have quit my job, thanks a lot Dr. Kumar." Sharon W

"Dr. Kumar is not just a doctor, but a person that is highly concerned about his patient's total health. He is dedicated in trying to make every patient better. His staff is excellent and caring. If you are hurting and are in need of an physical therapy session, all you need to do is call his staff and they will ensure that you are seen and treated by Dr. Kumar, even if you don't have an appointment. The atmosohere in his office is that of a family home, quiet, peaceful. I have seen many doctors in my life, but no one as caring as Dr. Kumar. I highly recommend Dr. Kumar." Angel H

"I was referred to Dr. Kumar by a member of my church. Dr. Kumar's interpersonal and communications skills are very well defined. He can explain the medical subject to an engineer, myself, or to a local farmer putting them at ease and giving them the confidence in him. In my opinion, Dr. Kumar's professional judgment and professional conduct, and character and reliability are above reproach. I have the highest regard for him and his staff." Norman P

"I truly was looking forward to the next visit, and like most people visits to the doctors are usually dreaded. My three months at the New Bern Medicine and Sports Rehabilitaion  have changed my life. Dr. Sanjay Kumar has developed a unique and highly effective holistic approch with hands-on manual therapies and contemporary-modern medicine for treatment of pain musculoskeletal disease and disabilities. His treatment can eliminate the constant pain of arthritis, heasaches, back injuries, sciatica pain, herniated discs, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, leg and foot pain plus many more other problems. In three months the has helped eliminate the horrible day-to-day pain." Pat C

"I feel the need to express my appreciation for a doctor of exceptional character. That doctor is Dr. Sanjay Kumar of New Bern Medicine and Sports Rehabilitaion. Dr. Kumar cares. He cares about how you feel when you come in for your appointment. Dr. Kumar and his staff are a blessing and an attribute to this area. It would be wonderful if more doctors were like him." Ronnie H

"I have been a patient of Dr. Kumar's for about a year now. I find him to be a very compassionate individual. He is very respectful as a person and a physician. Above all, Dr. Kumar is a professional. Dr. Kumar is friendly and courteous to everyone he meets. With that big smile of his, he make evertone feel right at ease." Charity W

"Dr. Kumar has always helped me with my fibromyalgia and never makes me feel rushed. Dr. Kumar has always been there to give me reassurance in helping with my ongoing symptoms and that is very important. I wish more doctors would show the same concern and attitude that Dr. Kumar has always givin me. His staff has been very helpful and courteous as well. I would recommend anyone that I know to Dr. Kumar." Andrea B

" Dr. Kumar has been my doctor for two years. I am being treated for fibromyalgia and bursitis. The treatments are beneficial in that they help me function with my daily life. Without the treatments I feel my life would be unbearable with pain and lack of movement. I feel Dr. Kumar has given me exceptional care in his knowledge and a professional bed side manner. He is very personable, thoughtful, and dependable. The staff he has selected is the same. The treatment areas are clean, comfortable, and filled with excellent equipment. I can't say enough about the way Dr. Kumar has improved my quality of life." Paula S

"Dr. Kumar has a special technique in handling each one of his patients. I feel I am benefitting from treatment I am receiving. The staff at New Bern Medicine and Sports Rehab. are professional caring people. The goal of the staff in my opinion is to see that each patient has individual care, which is closely monitored to each patients progress as a whole. I look foward to my own continued progress in the future." Karen E

"I can honestly say Dr. Kumar you are a gift from the heaven's. Not only did you explain everything in "lay-men's" terms, you also helped me explain to my family. You are not only a doctor of medicine but a doctor of the entire person. You treat the entire person, body, soul. Always having positive outlooks and uplifting words. You take time to explain every step and have taught my teenage daughter to do the very same steps at home. I can't imagine the physical and emotional I would be in had I not be introduced to you." Amanda M

"Dr. Kumar was the only doctor who discovered my long-standing condition of fibromyalgia and offered to help me. It is with his treatment that I can now live my life to the fullest degree and able to sleep at night. He is a great doctor who is not only knowledgable and intelligent but also a thoughtful dedicated professional who is ethical, courteous, and has excellent bedside manners, easy to talk to and has a genuine compassion and concern for his patients. There should be more doctors like him in this community." Sandra B

"Its been a pleasure having Dr. Kumar as my physician. He is a very caring physician. Theirs doctors that's all about money not the patients.Dr. Kumar is concerned about his patients. In his office his patients is number one. Theirs not many like Dr. Kumar perhaps any at all. Because in his office he's number one, these words are not said because he's my doctor but because it's true the world needs more like him . And I pray for more. God bless him." Brenda M

"Dr. Kumar is very patient and compassionate. He and his staff makes you feel comrortable while you are in their care, and work with you at your pace. Thank you Dr. Kumar for all you do." Linda L

"I have known Dr. Kumar for over a year. He not only my son's doctor he is my friend. He discoverd my son's problem when no other doctor did. Dr. Kumar is organized, efficient, and extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with his patients. In summary Dr. Kumar is an outstanding doctor and a pillar in the community." John P

 "My body is in constant chronic aching pain. Since my treatments with Dr. Kumar and his staff I have noticed a big difference in my body. If you are having any problems with pain that you think is arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, or any chronic pain, I recommend you call Dr. Sanjay Kumar at 252-635-1699. You don't need a Doctor's referral. You won't be sorry you called. I find Dr. Kumar to be verry ethical, considerate, professional and caring about his patients. He strives to make sure we are very comfortable and treats you with upmost respect in assisting and he goes out of his way to help his patients to feel better. It has truly been a life changing experience." Cynthia D

" I have been a patient of Dr. Kumar's for the past six months, and since I have been attending his practice I have been receiving the best care possible. He is a very good doctor with excellent bed side manner. He make's sure I undersatnd what is going on with my treatment. On a personal level I find him to be a kind human being. Dr. Kumar has really helped me a lot." Ruby T

"After 13 different surgeries on my body. It has taken a toll of my strenght. I was very impressed with the first visit. Dr. Kumar really cares about you and is not concerned about leaving his office at a set time everyday. I really feel like I have won the lottery. I know for sure that when I leave this program I will be able to cope a lot better with the pain. Also I will be able to move better. Also be able to stand and walk without crying!! I would recommend family and friends to this doctor." Felicia N

"Dr. Kumar's care for his patients and his desire to help them get better is very obvious to me. I think he has great compassion for those who are in pain. He has been very helpful in relieving some of my pain in my upper back and shoulders, for this I am greatful. He is very easy to talk with and very understanding. I pray that he will continue to keep up the good work, because today it is hard to find doctors of his caliber willing to help people like me." Annie T

"Dr. Kumars care in treating my severe back injury was remarkable. Dr. Kumar's professional and experience treated my Sciatica to where it never happend. His attention to detail, complete physical work up from the first visit to any follow on treatment of physical therapy, medication was outstanding. Dr. Kumar is on the right track in the treatment of low back pain injuries." Edwin V

"On a professional level, I have found Dr. Kumar to be knowledgeable in his field. He has prescribed additional medication for me which, when coupled with my previous medications, have helped me alleviate my pain, His staff had added exercises and stretches which have increased my range of motion. On a personal level, Dr. Kumar has always been interested and concerned for my well-being. His manner is low key, which helps put patients at ease." Christine J

"Dr.Kumar found my problem, he is a wonderful Doctor and very caring for his patients. I would recommend him to anyone." Kimberly P

"A few weeks of treatment with Dr.Kumar has minimised my pain drastically. He has worked with his hands on my muscles and the pain is gone. I am truly amazed at the results and his wonderful technique. Thank you Dr. Kumar and staff at New Bern Medicine & Sports Rehabilitaion." Norma N

"I take great pleasure in expressing my appreciation for outstanding service rendered to me while going to see Dr. Kumar. The care that he and his staff showed me was exemplary. The doctor was kind, courteous and showed lots of compassion for my feelings. Dr. Kumar and his staff is a great credit to his profession. Thank you for a job well done." Harry B

"I have been recieving treatment for Fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Dr. Kumar has proven to be the most compentent doctor. He is very proffesional and goes out of his way to give his patients the best possible care. Dr.Kumar is a mentor to his patients and staff. Because of his wonderful personality and professionalism." Pamela C

 "I was amazed by his intelligence and dedication and ability to communicate with his patients in lay mans terminology. He was the first doctor who put two and two together and explained to me my actual diagnosis. Thanks to Dr. Kumar my pain is now under control. Dr. Kumar is a true advocate and champion for the patient's rights. He is the best doctor that I have ever known. God Bless him." Raymond B

" Dr. Kumar is very hands on and he believes in putting his patients first. Dr. Kumar is very dedicated to his profession and I have seen positive results in my condition while going to him. I have also referred several people to him and everyone says that he is a great doctor. He has truly helped me with my arthritis and I highly recommend him" Lillie T

"Dr. Kumar is so kind and caring, it wouldn't surprise me if he would help someone that didnt even have any funds. Dr. Kumar is number one in my book. I'm grateful for all he has done for me. He's a miracle worker. I would say Kumar for President." Amy D

"I know you went way above the call of duty and I appreciate you immensely. Dr. Kumar listens to his patients very well and then using his extensive knowledge, helps them greatly. Please consider this a rare review for a great doctor." Cheryl B

"Dr. Kumar is one of the best doctors I have ever met. Dr. Kumar worked with like other doctors didnt. Their are not enough words to describe this wonderful person. God surely has given him talent and love for the human race. When my insurance was cancelled other doctors said "NO" but Dr. Kumar said my health and well being are important and worked with me." Clara G

" I have benefitted and am grately appreciative and pleased with my sessions with Dr. Kumar, particularly in his method of dealing with underlying causes rather then juat treating obvious symptoms." Jana M

"Dr. Kumar treated me for fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis. Dr. Kumar is clearly a dedicated professional with exceptional knowledge of fibromyalgia and its treatment." Josephine E

"Dr. Kumar made sure that I was physically able to return to work safely because I am a rgistered nurse. Dr. Kumar also went out of his way at my request to talk to my manager at work regarding my phisical limitations. I have been a nurse for 17 years and I have worked for and with many physicans, and by far I have been most impressed with Dr. Kumar because he has the patient's best interest at heart." Donna K

"I first saw Dr. Kumar on October 28, 2004 and was impressed on that first visit that he was well versed not only in fibromyalgia and arthritis but also knew how to recognize the difference between thyroid related complaints and true fibromyalgia symptoms. That day was the first day I felt I'd received a proper diagnosis. He is a true professional when dealing with patients, friendly and easy to talk to. He and his staff are caring and compassionate in their understanding of the aches and pains that come with age and weather changes." Susan W

"To my great fortune, while searching for a doctor to help me, I located Dr. Kumar. I have been a patient of Dr. Kumar's since June 2004. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Kumar. He possesses great knowledge of Fibromyaglia, and shows great compassion to all his patients. Dr. Kumar ensures that each patient receives individual attention. I have made major improvements in my physical ability and range of motion and stamina with Dr. Kumars plan. Under Dr. Kumars care my quality of life has improved. I would highly recommend Dr. Kumar to anyone who has fibromyalgia or any kind of chronic pain condition." Kathy H

"Dr. Kumar personally takes the upmost care and concern for his patients." Jimmy D

"I was treated for a bulging disc problem that I received as a result of an injury sustained at work. Dr. Kumar  and his staff provided excellent diagnosis and treatment for my injury. He was the only doctor to provide a reading of my MRI and offer a remedy for the problem. Without Dr. Kumar's help, who knows where I would be now. Dr. Kumar  is a good doctor and I am proud that he is my doctor." Doug A

"I am writing this letter to let you know what a difference Dr. Kumar has made in my life. I have seen many specialists and I have not felt this great in a long time. I can once again enjoy life. I can not thank him enought and I highly recommend him to anyone." Irene W

"Dr. Kumar diagnosis was osteoarthritis and spinal spondylosis. Under his care the pain has decreased immensely. I started therapy sessions 3 times a week ans now only once a week. He is a most caring and professional doctor. Dr. Kumar has made the quality of my life one that is 90% pain free and for that I am grateful to him. His patients are very fortunate to have him as their medicial professional and that his taking care of them." Suzanne N

"The thing I most admire the doctor for is adherence to a policy of no narcotics. In his words "That is not helping the pain, that is just masking it." I would hope I can call Dr. Kumar  my friend, but most importantly, he is my doctor." William S

"I strongly feel that since being a patient of Dr. Kumar  my ailments have improved for the best. I give him this credit only because he is deserving of such, it has been very clear that Dr. Kumar has a great understanding of my condition." Patricia H

"He promptly prescribed a therapy program for me which has resulted in tremendously less pain than I have experienced in years. I would also like to express my gratitude and appreciation for his genuine compassion for his patient's well being. When in his presence, he makes his patients feel that he really cares; he listens to all of your concerns and tries to answer all of your questions. If he cannot answer, he will direct you in the right direction. He is very passionate about his work and is always striving to make things better for his patients. For all of the reasons I have mentioned above, Dr. Kumar  is an asset to the medical community and to his patients." Desiree G

"I am a patient of Dr. Kumars, he is a wonderful doctor and a very caring doctor. He puts his patients care above his own needs. He is a very respectful and compassionate to me and my family. I have been to many doctors and Dr. Kumar has been able to alleviate a lot of my pain without the use of drugs. I am glad that he treats me for the problem instead of prescribing me pain medicine." Larry E

"I have been seeing Dr. Kumar  on a regular basis and he has helped me get pain free to my regular function in life back. As a physician Dr. Kumar  is very knowledgeable, competent, intelligent, diligent and conscientious with good moral and ethical values. He is a well respected doctor in the community. Dr. Kumar always goes out  of his way to help his patients. He has very impeccable bed side manners, he is always kind and courteous and one of the most honest doctors I know. His foremost concern is not money or co-payments, or insurance payments, but the patients health and well being. He alwyas has my best interest at heart. He has made a big difference in my life, He is an excellent medical doctor and a good man."Jeth L